Thomann 22 3/4 Europe Double Bass – Review


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Buying your first upright is a challenge, it is genuinely hard to know where to start let alone fronting up so much cash on something you are unsure how you are going to get on with, but this little beauty is perfect for you beginners out there.

Even at the low price (£768) it has a great sound that stands up to a lot of basses in a higher price bracket and by some sort of miracle stays in tune for a long time once tuned properly, so if you are still learning you don’t need to worry about retuning in between lessons.

Even though thomann keep referring to me as Mr Helenia (women play instruments too thanks!) I can’t mark them down on a personal grudge!

Get some weedwackers and you will get a great slap sound with this bargain bass

Operation Redecorate


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I am about to embark on operation redecorate, my poor flat has been somewhat neglected and it is time to shape up!

I am not the most DIY savvy woman (wait you mean it doesn’t stand for ‘Dressed in Yves saint laurent’??) but I am woman hear me roar and I’m gonna undertake this project myself.

First up is my bathroom it is going to be ‘Electric teal’ (fantastic pun I’m sure you will agree) Look isn’t it nice.


Have you ever tried to put together a paint roller? Seriously? Well after half an hour of trying in vain to pull one end off I took it to the pub where I was informed you just slot the roller over the end! Who knew?!


Phase one of operation redecorate is set for completion in 2016…Or I’ll have it done this weekend and put some pictures up on Monday and you can all tell me how wonderful it looks…..

Alexander McQueen & Damien Hirst is the best collaboration ever!


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To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the iconic Skull motif Alexander McQueen have joined forces with the infamous Damien Hirst so now you can be living art!

Acclaimed fashion photographer Sølve Sundsbø created this sumptuous film to launch this exciting collaboration

This gorgeous scarf collection starts from £315 for silk and up to £715 for cashmere; a snip for a statement piece you will keep forever I’m sure you will agree


Save The Blow Dry Shower Cap – Review


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I hate shower caps, they make your head sweat and leave an elastic band mark right across the middle of your forehead

Enter – Save the Blow Dry!

Not only does the shower cap looks super cute (not on me obviously) it also really does save your blow dry!


The inside is a soft towelling microweave material which covers over the elastic so you don’t get that dreaded crimping mark in your skin and it stops your head overheating and in turn the dreaded frizz!  And its super roomy, there is space in there for even really long or thick hair…or if you have an unusually large head (I joke…blondesmakethebestvictims encourage a healthy body image, embrace your cranium)

The outside is plastic so it’s perfect for turning inside out when you have a hair treatment on so you can go about your business without worrying about spreading conditioner over every surface in your home!

Now for the best part Save the Blow Dry are partnered with Khandel Light, a charity that is doing great work to greatly improve the lives of communities in and around Khandel, Rajasthan, India.

Every Save the Blow Dry sold through their website, directly funds a fortnight’s safe drinking water for a family in the desert region of Khandel.

Not only do you have great hair you are helping out someone in need and as you readers will know that’s what I am all about.

Save the Blow Dry – Save the World

Gucci Lose Out


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Gucci have lost the sole rights to their interlocking GG logo.

Women everywhere are going to be furious that their high end handbag is now going to be commonplace as UK retailers now have the right to use the logo on anything they so wish

The intelluctual property office revoked Gucci’s right for sole use after a high street retailer applied to use the logo on the grounds of diminished sales!

Positive side – Gucci are sure to dramatically reduce the price of products branded with this logo


Chanukkah & Christmas Lust List


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Christmas and Chanukkah are fast approaching so I’ve put together a list of my 8 most lusted after items just in case my family decide to take a look at my blog

1. Michael Kors Ladies Gold Tone Bracelet Watch


When my sister was presented with a Gorgeous Michael Kors watch for her 18th earlier this year my green-eyed monster reared it’s ugly head. So top of my lust list is this Rose Gold piece of heaven from The Watch Hut. And its 21% off! I WANT *stamps foot*

2. Babyliss Perfect Curl


Have you seen this? You would be mad not to want one! See ya straight hair I’m having a bouncy curls every single day

3. Mason Pearson hair brush


My long-suffering boar bristle brush is on its last breath; it is a necessary item in my hair care arsenal and must be replaced!

4. Louboutins


I’ve had a pair of Loubous on my list since the stone age. One day I will have done enough to be on the nice list, although if it doesn’t happen soon I may sell my soul

5. Flavio Castellani Coat

cappotto-donna-con-pelliccia-di-volpeIt was hard to pick one thing for the A/W collection from this gorgeous Italian brand, they may as well just change their name to ‘Stuff Helenia likes’

6. Clothes show live tickets


‘Nuff said, If you haven’t been then you are missing out: It is blogger heaven

7. New car


I can finally drive again! I haven’t had a seizure for a year (Screw you Epilepsy I win) and can now get behind the wheel, I know that a car is a massive item to put on a gift list but its my list and I’ll do what I want

8. Baby goat


Have you seen a baby goat? They are actually amazing! But you shouldn’t give an animal for Christmas unless its to someone who needs it. So this year I am going to send one as a gift to a family in need, you can get a warm feeling of satisfaction and do a nice thing for another human being HERE

My Picks from the Primark A/W 2013


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The Primark A/W 2013 Collection has dropped!

They have some amazing Knitwear this season; I might even go as far to say that it is the best A/W knitwear collection on the high street.

Items from this collection that will be coming home with me this weekend include

Feather Crop Jumper: Wear with a leopard print pencil skirt or some high waisted trousers.

Feather baroque cardi: Wear with ANYTHING! This cardigan is actually perfect

Pinafore Jumpsuit: Wear with a crisp white shirt and it’s perfect for work replace the shirt with a glitter bandeau for a classy/trashy evening look


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